Travel with me to Japan

Japan is where traditional and modern can coexist.

It is one of the most modern cities in the world but its history and tradition remain intact. It is maybe one of the many reasons why Japan is one of the sought destinations in Asia despite being expensive.

There are so many places to visit and all of them are picturesque. You can see a lot of professional and newbie photographers taking snap in every corner and every destination. It offers wide variety of food, long walk along the historical places, a rich culture that cannot be compared to other Asian cultures and friendly people.

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Places to Visit

Kyoto is my favorite city in Japan. A city less crowded compared to Tokyo, it gives you a lot of historical and traditional places but will never compromise comfort of modernization or technology, and a lot of zen garden worthy of your long walks. Perhaps, this is the reason why I chose Kyoto over Tokyo because it is more laid-back.


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Visit: Gion District, Ginkakuji Temple, Philosophers Path, Nijo Castle/Temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Heian Jingu Shrine

Tokyo on the other hand is fast-paced, very crowded but amazing city! There are so many choices of places to visit and food to try. You will need more than a week if you would like to go to all these places.

Aside from the historical places, temples and palaces, make time to visit one of the most visited theme park in Tokyo – Disney Resort. We all have that kid inside us after all. We visited Tokyo DisneySea – the first and only DisneySea in the world.

From my previous post, I mentioned that I am sucker for mountains, so this trip won’t be complete without it. The highlights of our trip was Mount Fuji. I did not really expect too much as we planned our trip nearly end of Spring. But I was in awe with its beauty. It was my first snow experience and one of the destination I will never forget.

When you visit Tokyo, never ever missed Mt. Fuji in your itinerary. It was picture-perfect!

Visit: Imperial Palace, Asakusa Shrine & Sensoji Temple, Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree


At the end of the day, no matter how exhausting getting from one location to another, still the experience and adventure prevail.

Will I go back to Japan and explore more? Definitely, Yes. At that time, I only traveled just for the sake of traveling, for passport and visa stamps (can you imagine!). But over the years, I have learned that going to places, meeting new people and discovering different culture are really my passion. Now, traveling makes me sane and makes me whole.



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