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Chasing Jack Frost (Winter) in Romania

From my previous blogs, I mentioned about my love for the fall season, and now I am sharing a new found love –

Snow! Winter! Extremely cold! in Romania

I never thought I would love the freezing, numbing and shivering winter.  I spent few months in Europe, and I was glad to experience the winter season. Well, it has its downside, but for me, because I rarely get to experience, I am okay with it.

So when my colleagues found out I am fascinated by it, they keep checking the weather forecast for me, when will the first snow come, whether I will get the chance to experience white Christmas, all sorts of news that made me more excited every day.

Few days before going on Christmas holiday, all of them tried to talk me out of being disappointed that there is no white Christmas. The temperature just went up all of a sudden and thin snow, and my dream of white Christmas melted away.

The dream of making a snowman and snow angel just vanished. But, I was still optimistic, there is always the mountainside, so I just have to go there and have a tremendous snowy, cold and wintry Christmas.

Gabi and I arrived in Romania and managed to see a glimpse of some snow in the forest which melted the next morning. 

So then to the mountain, we go!

We drove about two hours from Sighisoara, for a short stay in Prahova Valley, where you can visit Bucegi Mountain. This mountain is part of the southern Carpathian mountain range.

The mountain can be reached by taking the cable car either from Busteni or Sinaia towns. We nearly did not make it, cause there was a technical problem on the cable car due to frosted cable and the strong wind for the past few days.

Because Gabi was so eager to show the beauty of the Romanian mountain range, we waited patiently for 2 hours; then the technician finally called us in.

When we reached the top of the mountain…

What a breathtaking sight!

At a higher elevation is the Bucegi Plateau, where wind and rain have turned the rocks into spectacular figures such as the Sphinx and Babele.

The Sphinx

Trudging through the knee-deep snow was a struggle for me. But the view just gets me all the time. As usual, this is again another moment to be grateful. As I close my eyes and say a little prayer, God has been so wonderful. He just never gets tired of granting all my prayers.


Indeed, a real hidden beauty!



Travel with me to Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania has always been associated with vampires and Dracula for many centuries. But unknown to many, this place is a hidden wonder in Eastern Europe. It is rich in history, surrounded by scenic landscape and preserved in a medieval era, which makes it attractive to few.

View of Sighisoara from Villa Franka

I got the chance to visit Sighisoara, a city in Transylvanian region. It immediately captivated my random traveler’s heart.

This whole place is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The walled citadel is home of preserved medieval and colorful houses, cobbled alleys and of course the rumored house where Dracula was born, now a restaurant.

Preserved medieval and picturesque houses
The house where Dracula was born is now a restaurant.

The city is very colorful and vibrant, mixed with an authentic medieval feel.  The people are friendly and accommodating. You can easily explore and walk around the old town; you will never lose your way.

The walk to the old town is very relaxing, so quiet and peaceful. A place where you can take your time and be immersed in a different era.

Sighișoara is one of the few fortified towns that are still inhabited. The town is made up of two parts. The medieval stronghold was built on top of a hill and is known as the “Citadel” (Cetate). The lower town lies in the valley of Târnava Mare river.

view from the clock tower
Sighișoara Clock Tower (Turnul cu Ceas). The landmark of the city is a 64 m-high tower built in the 13th century.


Sighisoara is one of the most colorful places I’ve ever been and still amazed how they can preserve the old houses for so many years.

I am hopeful that this place will receive as many praises and recognition from tourists it deserves.

If you are traveling to Eastern Europe, make sure to include a day in Sighisoara.