How I started my LOVE and PASSION for TRAVEL

It was when I went to South Korea that I realized I meant to travel and discover the world!

When I was younger, I have always dreamed of going to far away places… To be free and be myself, to discover and  be happy…

I started traveling to different places because of work. I had my first ever job as a Medical Representative back in 2003 and my work at that time required traveling from different towns and cities in Ilocos Region (Philippines). I had to commute early in the morning to travel 6 hours from my home to another province or as short as 15 minutes to visit doctors and hospitals. It did not occur to me that traveling will be one of my most treasured passion, all I know at that time was to travel because of work.

Eventually, I changed my career to being a Regulatory Affairs, which then again required to attend conferences and meeting overseas. All the while, traveling has always been part of my life, I just didn’t know then that it will be one of the things I would want to continue and pursue.

Earlier on, work travels made me happy because I get the stamps on my passport and travel for free because it is paid by the company. I get to stay with big hotel chains, but stayed inside the conference room the whole day or maybe the whole conference, which normally lasted a week. It was not the kind of “travel” that I have imagined, but it was great, I was happy and contented.

A collection of highly detailed passport stamps, all inspired from real passport stamps, but completely created using Illustrator CS3.
A collection of highly detailed passport stamps, all inspired from real passport stamps, but completely created using Illustrator CS3. (not my own)

And then came the opportunity to live and work overseas. I started a new life in Singapore back in 2011 to work as a contract employee to one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world. I had to admit I was blinded by the opportunity to earn more and to gain experience as much as I can because I know this chance comes only once in a lifetime, and I grab all the chances I can get to earn for a living. In other words, life was fast and boring.

I made friends while I was working in Singapore (still am, by the way) and that is when I started planning for personal travel. My friends and I planned together and the first destination (as far as I can remember) was – Australia.

12 Apostles in Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Indeed, it was my first ever travel out from my own pocket and my first ever to travel with friends! And the rest is history…

I have been to 16 countries (excluding Philippines and Singapore) in a span of 5 years for work and personal. Yes, not that many but I have my bucket list, so I am still pursuing to visit as many countries as I can and share more my experiences and my thoughts on each country or city I visit.

Countries Visited

I traveled with friends and also tried going solo, which I prefer over the other (sorry to my friends). Both has its own pros and cons, but going solo for me made me discover myself better. And it made me realize who I am as person.

Not very long since I started as a solo traveler (in South Korea) and realized that it was therapeutic for me. I never thought I will be able to muster the courage to go to a place where everything is foreign. The place, people and even the language they speak, somehow different but in my heart, I understood and feel the connection. Everything is new, but amazing.

I started traveling for work, still and will always be, I am keeping my 8-hour and 5 days a week job while I pursue my passion for travel. I love both and I can never give up one from the other.

How did you start yours?

Adventure is worthwhile ~Aesop




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