My longest 3 hours – an experience worth every second

If only I could make 3 hours into 3 days, I would have done it. It would have been a wonderful experience. My feeling for this trip or place is beyond words, but this side trip is really worth every second, every step and every sweat!

I must admit, I am not a Sound of Music fan (I am not a musical fan, in general). Have I seen the musical? movie? cartoon? I have seen the cartoon version, Yes. I cannot even remember whether I have watched the movie. I am not a classical music fan either, I am not familiar with Mozart, I only encountered his name from one of the literature subject I took a long time ago.

Without any background or whatsoever, will I enjoy?

Why Sound of Music and Mozart?

After my Berchtesgaden discovery, still part of of my work and leisure trip, I made a side trip to Salzburg, Austria. I traveled only “almost” an hour by bus (RVO #840), the bus station is right in front of Berchtesgaden Hbf Station.

So, it was a spur of the moment decision, I had second thoughts as I already purchased my return train ticket to Munich. So it means, having to buy another train ticket from Salzburg if I decided to go. Being spontaneous sometimes makes me creep, but I gave it a go.

With only 3 hours in the city (because I need to catch the earliest train to Munich), I grabbed a tourist map from the information center and walked from Salzburg Hbf Station to the nearest sightseeing place – Mirabellgarten.


There were many tourist at that time, I was traveling solo, but I never felt alone. Other travelers are friendly and warm, some of them smiled and I greeted and nodded in response.

I just walked while admiring the architecture of the buildings and crossed the bridge called Makartsteg and a lot of “love locks” are spanned over the bridge.

 I was constantly looking at my watch to ensure that I will not miss my train, and kept going while I still have time.

As I walked towards the crowd, I passed by Domplatz and saw  a giant chessboard with a giant  chess pieces while the players were seriously playing.

Players are seriously playing…

While classical music concerto was playing at the background, I headed to Domplatz and walked around Mozartplatz.

The classic Domplatz

I went inside the cathedral and I was blown away and my eyes kept the admiration far too long.

The cathedral represents the impressive intricate Baroque design, so detailed and exquisite. I wished I could have stayed longer and found the right words to describe the place.

The 17th-century Baroque cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg

Residenz Fountain

This is the disadvantage of only having couple of hours to a place worth staying for a little longer. The architecture, the street and the people are so much more than I expected.

The journey was short, there were so many things to see,  so little time. But every second of that time spent was worth it. The 3 hours walk in Salzburg made me realize that each city or country has their own  beauty to present.

I will come back to this place, if given another chance.






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