Refocus and Reflect – my solo traveling experience

We all have that one tiny little thought of “what if” when it comes to deciding where we want to go next. What if I do not get enough money for my airfare, accommodation or what if something happens and I won’t be able to go to that place. There will always be uncertainties, not only when you decide to travel, but in life so to speak. But traveling has all these uncertainties because you are moving away from your comfort zone, your home. But doing this, you will eventually find yourself and your happiness.

Going somewhere I am not familiar with, and honestly, just thinking about boarding that airplane and giving my full trust to strangers, gives me the creeps. But then again, that is what traveling is all about. It is going to the unknown and moving away from the comfort zone.

Over the past years, I have been solo traveling, some people are surprised knowing I can make my way to places with nobody but myself. Love is an understatement. The feeling I get every time that ticket is booked. Solo traveling gives me the direction I need, gives me time to refocus and makes me reflect on the past, present and future. Hiccups along the way are inevitable, but nothing I cannot manage.

My take on solo traveling is plain and simple – the much-needed me time and discovering myself more.

I love discovering new stuff, places, food and get challenged by the fact that I am a self-proclaimed no-sense-of-direction person, but able to wander in places I have never been to before. The freedom to do and experience a lot of things, the regret you have to face after doing something that you shouldn’t have done in the first place, the feeling of living the life and not thinking about anything but that moment, are terrifying to others, but these are the things that make solo traveling worthwhile for me.

Here is the list t of the things that I usually consider before traveling. The list of considerations varies from one traveler to another. And for me, this list is very personal.

  1. A place to wander and see either the sunset or sunrise
  2. A place to hike and breathe some fresh air
  3. A place close to my heart, that it feels like my second home away from home
  4. A place to connect with people, to know something about the culture, to know just about a thing or two and making it worth the stay
  5. A place where I can be myself

To travel is a journey for finding myself and it will keep on for years.


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