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Work + Leisure: Munich, Germany

So now here comes the fun part of my job that requires me to travel and attend meeting overseas.

I had few days of Product Team meeting in Penzberg, Germany, where one of our manufacturing site is located. And as always and whenever the schedule permits, I always take the opportunity to visit some places. I still have leave credits and the boss said it was OK, so why not extend and explore Germany and Austria.

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My Travel Bucket List

So many places, so little time.

This adage somehow influenced my thinking about traveling around the world (this maybe far from reality but still hopeful). Unlike other travelers who quit their corporate jobs and pursued their dreams to travel, I personally have not considered that just yet.

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Welcome to My Travel Blog

Honestly, I have revised this post so many times and changed the title twice. I am new to the blogging world and still finding my way through it. Please feel free to comment, I welcome constructive criticism and I believe in continuous improvement concept. So, feedback is much appreciated.

Over the past few months, I have been thinking of starting a blog and what topics should I write about. Well, since I love traveling, meeting new people and immersing myself to new culture, why not write about it. So here I am, starting my first ever travel blog.

Unlike every other travel blogger who left their corporate job to travel around the world, I am keeping my day job for now. It gives me the opportunity to travel for work where I can squeeze in a little bit of personal time or travels and at the same time it also pays for my own personal travels. So, at this point in time, if I can travel while I work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, why not!

This blog will mostly feature my travel stories and will be featuring my own work + leisure travels, tips on traveling with a travel companion, sharing some of the itinerary I have personally planned, some freebies you may consider (or not) and a lot more. So stay tuned and FOLLOW my blog! Sharing is caring, so you may share my posts and again, please feel free to leave your comments below.

When I travel, I get the chance to wander, walk around and meet new people. I am blessed with the opportunity to immerse myself with different cultures, discover similarities and differences.

Most of the time, I follow where my feet take me and I get astonished all the time. The experience is always so overwhelming and exciting that I realized it has to be shared to others who may want to experience the same.

I am still finding my true passion and hopefully this blog will eventually lead me to it.

Travel with me and join me in discovering what life has to offer.



I love traveling, extreme sports (except any water sports or water activities) and I am a sucker for mountains.