Work + Leisure: Kehlsteinhaus (Berchtesgaden)

Stunning view from Kehlsteinhaus (Berchtesgaden, Germany)

The highlight of my trip last August (2015) was witnessing this stunning view  from Kehlsteinhaus or Eagles’s Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

This was not in my itinerary and never did I know there is such place until I googled “day trips” from Munich when I was having breakfast in my hostel after my 3-day product team meeting in Germany. The list showed Berchtesgaden and it’s 2.5 (or more) hours by train from Munich (and more or less an hour to Salzburg by bus). So, I decided to see the place and was obviously considered because the place is on top of a mountain (Bavarian Alps).

How to get there from Munich: Take the train from Munich train station to Berchtesgaden station. From there you can take the Bus 838 to the Documentation Center and then you will be dropped off on the road and go down to the Center to get your ticket and board Bus 849 to get you to the mountain top.

Tip: If you are taking the bus and the famous elevator, after you get off Bus 849 make sure to choose a return time and get your ticket stamped at the window to ensure yourself a spot on the bus back down the mountain.

The bus ride itself was fantastic! I got to see stunning views of the town and the surrounding Bavarian mountains while the bus drove along nearly on the edge of a cliff.

Kehlsteinhaus or Eagle’s Nest is reached via serpent-like and steep Kehlsteinstrasse, one of the most magnificent road I have seen.

Kehlstein Road (view from the top)

Hikers may go up the mountain on foot or easiest way is to go up via the famous elevator. The elevator will lead you to the Kehlsteinhaus restaurant and from there you can walk outside to see the fantasctic view of the alps.

entrance to the elevator
entrance to the elevator
Underground passage to the Kehlsteinhaus elevator

I walked outside to the restaurant balcony, and there the clouds as if covering the whole place like a cotton candy, I was in awe, speechless, my eyes cannot stop admiring the view.

I walked all the way up to check what else is there to see. The clouds are spread all over the sky and I was wondering what beauty was hidden behind. And towards the end, a true beauty appeared. I was mesmerized and it felt so surreal, as if I’m so close to heaven, the feeling is unreal.

I sat down on a bench just admiring the view. How the clouds moved, the birds flew, the cold wind blowing against my skin.  I just sat still and my eyes became teary. As I whispered “Thank you God for life has been great, I am undeserving but you still blessed me more each day.”


I walked up further and saw the cross at the end, it stood there, admired by a lot of people. I walked closer and held up my head high and whispered a little prayer.

I stayed for a while, letting my eyes consumed by the view and went down to catch the bus back to the station.

‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.

Alice Walker

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